In-Game Economy


The base currency used throughout Oath of Peak are called Shells. Similar to standard MMORPGs, the majority of Shells are earned players through standard means such as monster drops, selling items, quest rewards, Spirit Beast Mining etc., We'll be sharing more details on this process including the relationship between Shells, on-chain assets, and NFT Spirit Beasts as we get closer to the game's launch.

Shells can be used to acquire equipment, upgrades, crafting materials, resources, and most other purchasable items in the game. Shells can also be traded on the Shell Market and spent as a part of a player's progression in Skill Upgrades, Guild Training, Title Upgrades, Equipment Enchantments, Equipment Cleansing, Manifestation Arrays, etc.

The majority of in-game expenditures, like the ones listed above, will burn the shells used to control the supply and reduce overall inflation. This, along with several other mechanisms will be used used to stabilize asset values and maintain economic balance for Oath of Peak and its players.

Some Shells that players obtain will be Rouge Shells. These Shells have certain usage restrictions including not being tradable with other players.

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