Spirit Aggregation and Conjuring

Spirit Aggregation

Players can place their Spirit Beasts in Spirit Aggregation to enhance their Intelligence and rank. Genesis Spirit Beasts can go as high as the Epic rank while other Spirit Beasts can reach the "Divine" rank. Only Spirit Beasts of the same rank can undergo Spirit Aggregation. Once done, any previously used Hidden Shine Pills, Comprehension Stones, and previously learnt Mythic and Divine Soul Skills will be returned; the original Spirit Beasts will then be burned. Lastly, lucky players may also receive a random Soul Skill.

Spirit Beast Conjuring

Players unlock the conjuring ability at Lv. 39. Upon unlocking this feature, the Spirit Beast's stats will be added to the Spirit Bender's at a fixed ratio. In addition, Spirit Benders will also unlock the ability to transform into their conjured Spirit Beasts when engaging in battle.

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