Nurturing Spirit Beasts

Types of Spirit Beasts

There are six types of Spirit Beasts: Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Physical Auxiliary, Spell Attack, Spell Defense, and Spell Auxiliary


Spirit Beasts' Intelligence affects its stats and growth potential. The higher the intelligence, the higher its growth potential.

  • A Spirit Beast's rank is a function of its Intelligence score:

    • Below 100 = Common;

    • 100-139 = Rare;

    • 140-199 = Epic;

    • 200-249 = Mythic;

    • 250 and above = Divine.


A Spirit Beast's Aptitude affects its five stats (Strength, Power, Dexterity, Physique, and Endurance). Better Aptitudes will result in stronger scores for Spirit Beast's base stats.


  • Spirit Beasts gain EXP when they participate in battles

  • Players may also feed Spirit Beasts certain foods to raise their level


  • Remold: Resets Spirit Beast's current Aptitude

  • Star Palace: Unlocks Spirit Beast's stat boost

  • Perception: Improve Perception to provide specific attribute boosts


  • Each Genesis Spirit Beast will have an innate Active Soul Skill and an innate Passive Soul Skill

  • Spirit Beasts will unlock additional Passive Soul Skills at levels 10, 30, and 50; additional Active Soul Skills are unlocked at levels 20, 40, and 60

  • All Soul Skills other than innate Soul Skills can be replaced

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