Social Interactions

The social systems in Oath of Peak include peer, team and guild features. Through these systems, players are incentivised to explore the world and complete quests together with their friends.Players can also join a guild to meet new companions and work together when traversing the Omnispirit Realm. Each Guild has their own Guild Territory where rewards can be earned by participating in Guild events.


Building and upgrading a guild consumes Guild Funds and Shells. Each upgrade will grant its members bonuses to various stats and higher stat ceilings. 10% of the Shells spent on Guild upgrades will be added to the Guild Fund which is used to pay for the guild's maintenance fees. Guilds that are unable to afford their maintenance fees will be disbanded.

Collecting and Crafting

Players' crafting abilities are tied to their contribution to their guilds. With higher level crafting, players can create different items and equipment that can be traded on the Shell Market.

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