Releasing a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) is the most logical first step for Yeeha Games as there are many core aspects of the MMORPG genre that can be enhanced with blockchain technology. For example, traditional MMORPGs already contain elements of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) concept that has recently emerged. In the genre, terms like "gold farmers" or "botters" have come to describe players that collect different resources for sale to other players in fiat currencies. The resources these players sell, however, are only valuable in the MMORPG space because they are tied to the game's experience, whether it is to help game characters progress, become more powerful, or just simply providing an aesthetic upgrade. Upgrading this trading system with blockchain technology can provide several benefits to the experience, including:

  • Securing the trading environment and providing credibility for trades by moving them away from black markets or third-party sites

  • Allowing users to truly own the assets they trade

  • Controlling the supply of different assets to stabilize the value of these assets

  • Providing a platform to liquidate assets such that players have the option to earn profits

    • While there is an opportunity to earn in this game, it is only a small portion of the overall game experience. So for Oath of Peak, we prefer using the term "Play-and-Earn" (PnE) instead of P2E

Aside from providing solutions for trading and PnE, blockchain technology can also help with traditional MMORPG dilemmas related to game asset ownership, virtual land distribution and game economy management — all of which will be discussed throughout the rest of this whitepaper.

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