Oath of Peak is designed as a game that can be fully experienced without any financial obstacles. Players will have access to all the classes, quests, and the world map through simply playing through the game for free. All of the game's digital assets, including tokens and NFTs were implemented to enhance the gaming experience.

The Oath of Peak market is an open economic system, meaning players are able to obtain, buy, and trade for in-game tokens and assets from a variety of sources, including:

  • Exchanging with Shells which are produced just by playing the game

  • Primordial Beast NFT holders can create a variety of items aside from breeding the highest ranked Spirit Beasts

  • Players can generate Spirit Beasts and other assets through genesis Spirit Beasts.

  • Players can obtain rare skins and items by participating in the P2P Trading system (the Shell Market)

Just as gameplay evolves through different stages of a game, Oath of Peak's economics was also designed to evolve in the same way. Rather than unloading all the assets right as the game becomes available, many of the assets in the game will be rewarded to players as they journey through the Omnispirit Realm. This will also further incentivize the development team to keep updating the game and enhancing the core game experience to keep the value of various digital assets stable and relevant in the long run. There will also be two fixed supply tokens used to help maintain the PnE gaming experience.

  • The Peak Token (PKTK) is a utility token that comes in an on-chain form ($PKTK) and off-chain form (gPKTK). PKTK can be exchanged with Shells in the game to provide a foundation for liquidity in the Oath of Peak economy.

  • The OOP Token ($OOP) is a governance token for the Oath of Peak DAO Treasury.

Lastly, inspired by Web3's "Read, Write, Own" concept, Oath of Peak will have an Achievement system where players will be rewarded with core game assets that grant stakeholders benefits in the game's development. In the long run, Yeeha Games will work with Oath of Peak players to govern and build the Oath of Peak ecosystem to ultimately integrate it with other games on the Yeeha Games platform.

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