Primordial Spirit Beast (PSB) NFTs

There are 10,000 Genesis PSB NFTs, of which 5,000 are Huodou NFTs and the other 5,000 being Kiufeng NFTs. Genesis PSBs have several visual differences compared to regular Spirit Beasts and they begin with a base Intelligence of 199 (Epic rank).

  • Like regular Spirit Beasts, Genesis PSBs can breed more PSBs. Offspring bred this way will have at least 200 Intelligence, meaning they will be of either Mythic or Divine rank

    • PSBs are Oath of Peak's core assets due to their high growth cap. Mythic and Divine Spirit Beasts in particular, are very hard to find outside of PSBs

    • Mythic rank Spirit Beasts and PSBs can raise their Intelligence by merging with other beasts of the same Rank. This merging process is the primary deflationary mechanism for Spirit Beasts

  • PSB NFTs can be staked to earn governance tokens

  • PSBs can be sent on materialization quests to produce tradable Shells.

  • Additional perks of PSB NFTs will be announced closer to the game's release


The process for breeding Primordial Beasts is similar to that of breeding Spirit Beasts. However, only Genesis Primordial can breed with other Genesis Primordial and all Primordial Beasts are default NFTs under the player's ownership.

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