Game Overview

Hand-Drawn Environment

From creatures of all shapes and sizes to maps of each region on the Omnispirit Realm, every detail is hand-drawn to emphasize the beauty and wondrous uniqueness of each environment in the game.

Solo or Together

Players can join a guild or create their own. They can choose to take on the world solo, or seek out like-minded adventurers and embark on an exciting journey together. Oath of Peak is designed to provide special bonuses to adventurers who work together, but players can also choose to take on campaigns alone for an extra challenge.

Create a Team and Take Them to Battle

Players can collect and breed their Spirit Beasts to create unique companions that add game-changing effects when taken to battles.

Don't Stop at Just Combat

Players can buy property and build a home on Mount Huanming, or chill with friends while fishing for rare aquatic creatures. With tons of unique minigames, players can choose how they want to enrich their experience in Oath of Peak.

Trade Freely in the Open Market

Players can trade equipment, Spirit Beasts, crafted items, and just about anything else with one another. Combined with our open NFT marketplace, players can even make some real profits by participating in the game's economy.

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