Peak Token ($PKTK)

$PKTK is a utility token that can be exchanged with in-game Peak Tokens (gPKTK), which can purchase and be purchased with Shells. As a token created on the Polygon Chain, $PKTK and gPKTK act as the link between Oath of Peak and the larger Web3 ecosystem.

  • $PKTK, which is on-chain, can be exchanged with gPKTK, which is off-chain (in-game), at a 1 to 1 ratio

  • The value of $PKTK is reflected in the demand of Shells and exchanging $PKTK for gPKTK is the only way for players to top up in Oath of Peak

  • Inversely, players can, to a certain limit, exchange Shells to gPKTK and then to $PKTK as well. More details can be found in the Token Flow section

  • The exchange rate between $PKTK/gPKTK and Shells indicates the Shell's inflation rate. As the number of users increases, more Shells will be produced. The exchange rate will adjust accordingly to stabilize the value of $PKTK, preventing it from inflating. Thus, the in-game economy is shielded from large fluctuations occurring outside of the game by adjusting the exchange rate

  • Finally, there is also the Peak Token Shop where players can use gPKTK to purchase certain shop items directly


Apart from its initial distribution (see Allocation section below), $PKTK can only be minted by exchanging Shells for them. Existing $PKTK can be obtained through trading in third-party exchanges.


  • Whenever gPKTK is burned, its associated $PKTK will eventually be burned as well

  • All gPKTK used to exchange for Shells are burned immediately (the associated $PKTK will then be burned as well). As a result, the $PKTK burn rate is directly correlated with the economic activity in the game. As more players join and the demand for in-game resources increases, the $PKTK burn rate will go up as well, ultimately resulting in the cost per $PKTK to increase

  • Shells that are collected as the forging tax during the exchange of Shells for $PKTK are completely burned

  • gPKTKs used to purchase exclusive items in the in-game Peak Token shop are completely burned

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