Sealing and Breeding


Players can seal Spirit Beasts through the sealing interface. Once there, players will need to expend a special Mirror and create a drawing that resonates with the Spirit Beast. The capture rate improves based on the accuracy of the player's drawings and quality of the sealing Mirror.


First generation Spirit Beasts are known as Genesis Spirit Beasts and they can breed even more Spirit Beasts. The offspring's ranking and stats will be based on the parent Spirit Beasts' Intelligence and Aptitude. Most Genesis Spirit Beasts only have enough Spirituality to breed a single offspring; however, the Genesis PSBs, having more Spirituality, have multiple chances.When breeding Spirit Beasts, players can choose to work with others. To do so, each player needs to provide one Genesis Spirit Beast with Breeding Chances left to be one of the two parents (one male, one female). Whether working solo or with another player, each player will receive a single offspring PSB/Spirit Beast and pay the associated breeding costs. Any Shells spent to pay for breeding costs are burned.

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