In Oath of Peak, players have five classes to choose from. Each class is unique in its progression and combat specializations.


  • Melee Fighter

  • Sustained Damage Output

  • Tanky

  • Adept Survival and Tank Skills

  • Excels at wielding heaven and earth shattering claymores to conquer their foes


  • Ranged Mage

  • Sustained Damage Output

  • Adept Control and AOE Skills

  • Excels at using the brush to summon tidal waves and thunderstorms to drown their enemies


  • Melee Assassin

  • Bursty Damage Output

  • Adept Concealment and Rogue Skills

  • Excels at wielding double-edged swords to slice at their enemies like a hurricane trimming a bush


  • Ranged Physician

  • Hybrid Healing and Damage Output

  • Adept Healing and Auxiliary Skills

  • Excels at using the magical gourd to manipulate the spirit of all beings


  • Ranged Puppet Master

  • Sustained Damage Output

  • Adept Puppetry and Barbette Skills

  • Excels at controlling puppets to drown out the light and even take down the stars

Changing Classes

Players can experience other classes once they reach level 50 (Lv. 50), complete all Expertise Quests, and submit a Class Change request. The first Class Change for each Spirit Bender is free but subsequent changes will require a Class Change Card which can be purchased in the Jade or Spirit Stone Stores.


Each Class has three different Mastery paths. Players can choose to specialize in a single Mastery or spec in multiple Masteries once. Certain skills, including skills across different paths, can be matched together to create new effects.

  • Upgrades

Skills can be upgraded by consuming Skill Points and Skill Point investments can be freely reset. A Spirit Bender's Skill Point Cap (SPC) will be naturally raised as they level up and players can also feed Spirit Benders Kun Souls to raise their SPC to a certain limit.

  • Masteries

Each Spirit Bender has three Mastery paths to choose from and each path is unlocked by completing its corresponding Trail Quest. Upon specing six skills under a single Mastery, players will also unlock its corresponding Mastery effect.

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