Token Flow

  1. Shells, the game's main currency, can be used for various purchases at the Shell Market. Players can also earn Shells by selling various items at the Shell Market. Each transaction will incur a 10% Shell Trading Tax, which will be burned immediately.

  2. gPKTK can be exchanged for Shells. Within the following limits, players can also exchange Shells for gPKTKs:

    • The exchange rate is not fixed, i.e., it is a floating exchange rate. A floating exchange rate will reflect the inflation rate in the game to help stabilize the value of gPKTK/$PKTKs accordingly:

  • Shells used to exchange for gPKTK are immediately burned

  • gPKTKs used to exchange for Shells are immediately burned

  • There is a limit on the minimum amount of $PKTKs that each player can exchange at once and a limit on the maximum amount of $PKTKs each player can exchange every day. There is also a daily limit to the maximum amount of $PKTKs that can be exchanged on one server

  • Shells that are collected as the forging tax during the exchange of Shells for gPKTK will be completely burned

  1. gPKTKs can be used to purchase exclusive items in the in-game Peak Token mall. All gPKTKs spent are completely burned.

  2. gPKTKs can be exchanged for $PKTK ones at a 1:1 ratio. To convert gPKTKs to $PKTKs, players will need to link their game accounts with their Yeeha Games accounts and complete the email verification.

    • Converting gPKTKs to $PKTK incurs a 0.5% tax. The minimum tax amount is 1 $PKTK and the taxed tokens will be completely burned

  3. PKTK can be traded on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) that supports Polygon. A 0.9% transaction fee will be collected, of which 0.3% will go to the liquidity provider, 0.15% to Yeeha Games, and the remaining 0.45% will be used to buy back the governance tokens for burning

  4. USDT can be used on the Yeeha Games Marketplace to trade for NFTs, including Genesis and regular PSBs. When trading USDT:

    1. Yeeha Games will collect a 7.5% royalty fee, 2.5% buyer fees, and 2.5% seller fees for every transaction

    2. 50% of the royalty fee will be used to buy back the governance tokens (for burning) and the remaining 50% will go to the developers

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