Equipment in Oath of Peak can be found in four different rarities: Rare, Epic, Mythic, and Divine. Players can obtain equipment through a variety of methods including: monster drops, quest rewards, events, crafting, and instances.Each Spirit Bender has the following equipment slots:

  • 5 Outfit Slots:

    • 1 Headgear (Helms, Caps, etc.)

    • 1 Bodywear (Armor, Vests, etc.)

    • 1 Handwear (Gloves, Gauntlets, etc.)

    • 1 Legwear (Leggings, Pants, etc.)

    • 1 Footwear (Boots, Greaves, etc.)

  • 1 Weapon Slot

  • 1 Accessory Slot

  • 2 Ring Slots


Equipment can be enhanced to improve their base stats. Certain enhancements also have a set effect which is active when multiple equipment with the same enchantments are equipped. Other than enhancements, equipment can also be Refined to improve its stats.


Equipment can be Marked to improve its stats and/or add certain special effects. There are two types of SPs, fixed and dynamic.

  • Enchant: Add new SPs. Each Mark will add new stats and effects to the equipment

  • Cleanse: Cleansing will refine all the SPs on a piece of equipment, Fixed SPs will keep their effects but improve, while Dynamic SPs will get new effects and new stats

  • Polish: Change all of an equipment's SPs with a chance to obtain higher level SPs. When polishing, Fixed SPs may be replaced as well. This feature is unlocked at Lv. 60​

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